Spencer Trygve

Trygve is derived from the Old Norse tryggr, meaning "true, trustworthy"

I break the rules of cake design…

As a cake artist I strive to make every one of my cakes a completely unique piece of art. My inspiration comes from many places— the natural textures found in nature, the clean lines in modern interior design, the expression of fine art and the imaginative ideas of avant-garde fashion. Im honored to share my inspiration with bold, creative people who are looking for something different when celebrating life’s biggest, most joyous moments.

I’ve always been a artist. Growing up, I was an artistic jack of trades. I had my hands in everything and found my passion for creating. My mom taught me to bake and I spent years trying to replicate her perfectly chewy chocolate chip cookies— mine will never be quite as good as hers but I owe her for inspiring me to embark on a culinary journey. I spent my whole career in bakeries learning as much as I could from what inspired me— in perpetual search for the flavors that spark those nostalgic memories of childhood.

It wasn’t until I decorated my first cake in 2014 that everything clicked for me. Cake design was the way to combine my passion for art and design, and passion for baking. There is something magical about taking simple things like butter, sugar and flour and being able to create a piece of art that celebrates a moment in life. It’s inspiring— it’s romantic— it’s passion.

This passion is what I have to offer you. I look forward to meeting you and creating something incredible together.