Frequently Asked Questions

How soon should I order my wedding cake?

As soon as possible. We recommend reaching out as at least 6-9 months to ensure availability.

Do you offer tastings?

We do! The fee for a tasting and design consultation is $100. This is a hour long collaborative meeting where you will get to try 4 unique flavor combinations and talk in depth about your wedding vision.

I’ve filled out your form, is my order booked?

This is definitely the first step but your order is not booked until your deposit is paid. The deposit is required on all orders at time of confirmation.

Do you make vegan wedding cakes?

Absolutely! We are more that happy to make vegan cakes and can accommodate many different alternative diets. Unfortunately, we can not make nut-free or sugar free cakes.

When can I pick up my wedding cake?

The streets of Chicago can be unpredictable and dangerous for cakes which is why we do not allow pick ups for wedding cakes. Fortunately, we have had quite a bit of practice over the years getting cakes safely to their destinations so we recommend leaving delivery to us.

Can I order a something other than a wedding cake?

Of course you can. We are happy to make cakes for birthdays, showers, bar and bat mitzvah, or any other special event you may have.

Have more questions? get in touch with us.